Sensei Johnny Kim Sørensen received the 5th dan!

johnnyThe Aikikai Foundation has announced the new list of aikidokas who received their dan grades: We would like to congratulate our sensei Johnny Kim Sørensen who now holds the 5th dan! Also congratulations to our friends who also now hold the 5th dan:  Takemusu Aiki Danmark: Robert Vedel MacKay (Roskilde Aikido Klub), Thomas and Lene (Frederiksberg Aikido Klub). Troels D. Christensen  and David Godtllib from Københavns Aikido Klub.

Pictures from shugyo with Fredrik Snell Sensei

Our club was kindly invited by Fredrik Snell Sensei to one of his shugyo events. Here are some pictures from it.

Congratulations to Johnny (4th dan) and Jesper (1st dan)

Congratulations to Johnny and Jesper who have sucessfully passed the graduation at Kopenhagen!

Johnny is now 4-ht dan and Jesper got his black belt (the first dan).

Now it is tyme for my and Peter’s graduation which will be in few weeks at our club. My graduation is for the second kyu and Peter will have his first graduation – 6th kyu.


I add also the comments from the old homepage:

Kommentar af Brian Kjaer Nielsen | 12-10-2009

Et tillykke til Johnny og Jesper.
Fra AikidodojoThisted.

Kommentar af Robert Pettersson | 28-10-2009

Mina bästa Aikido vänner (i DK) Gratulerar till er lyckade gradering. Det gör mig mycket glad att det går bra för er.
Snälla Hälsningar
Takemusu Aikido Mora