Corona Virus Advisory update

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Vi kan fra i dag, 8/6, igen træne indendørs, og må være op til 50 personer samme sted.

Har lige fået melding fra kasserer Jesper, at vi først kan komme ind i dojo’en fra torsdag 11/6.

Vi holder os fortsat primært til våbentræning, da anbefalelserne fra DGI og Sundhedsstyrelsen endnu fraråder for langvarig fysisk og ansigt til ansigt kontakt. Noget vag udmelding kan man mene.

In English:

From today, 8/6, we are allowed to train indoors, with up to 50 people. We also got a notice, that we can not enter the dojo until Thursday 11/6. So the first indoor training will be on Thursday on the 11/6/2020.

We are still mainly going to focus on weaponstraining, due to the recomadations from DGI and Sundhedsstyrelsen not to have prolonged physical and face to face contact. Somewhat weak announcement, one could say.

An update

We use our Facebook page as the main location for our updates, events announcements and other activities. You can see a copy of Facebook messages on right side on our homepage. From time to time we will do a summary post here on our homepage. So what did happen since our last update?

We had to say goodbye to our dear, very loved friend Martin Bo Jensen.

We had a great graduation of Jesper Kaagaard 4-th dan and Jesper Thomsen 1-st dan at Aalborg Aikido Dojo. Congratulations! Sensei Kim Rasmussen was kind to teach a training pass after graduation.

Then in June Gustav Rasmussen was graduated for 3 kyu. Congratulations!

In August a few of us attended the annual Aikido Shugio with sensei Fredrik Snell. This time it was held in Mora.

In the end of September took place the annual seminar by sensei Fredrik Snell in Nordjylland, Thisted.

In October all Nordjylland clubs were visited by our President of Dansk Aikido Union (DAF) – sensei Keith Olen Barger.

Then the we attended a great annual seminar in Holbæk with Shihan Ulf Evenås.

In November our Dojo cho sensei Johnny Sørensen together with sensei Fredrik Snell and several other aikidokas from Scandinavia went to attend Aikido trainings in Japan. Isoyama sensei is now 82, but he still is going strong!

Later the same month we had a great common training seminar in Odder where we had attenders and teachers from Aikido Dojo Svendborg, Odder Aikido, Aalborg Aikido Klub, Aikido Dojo Aalborg, and Thisted Aikido Klub.

On December 15th we had graduation of Gert (6-th kyu) and Kaare (5-th kyu). Congratulations!

On the 2-nd of February we attended a single day friendship training hosted by the Thisted Aikido Klub where teachers from different Nordjylland dojos were teaching.

Then we had our annual Aalborg seminar with Shihan Ulf Evenås. As always it was a great seminar! At the seminar Kenneth Schultz Gjerulff from Aalborg Aikido Dojo received the 5-th dan certificate. Congratulations!

Our webpage was moved from one hosting provider to another. We had hiccup here so unfortunately our page was not available for some days.

And many more things did happen! Now we are looking forward to get over with Corona virus so we could resume training in our dojo!

Corona Virus Advisory

Der opfordres fra øverste myndigheder til at bl.a. træningscentre holder lukket i foreløbig 14 dage.

Næste træning er indtil videre torsdag 26/3-20 kl 18:00 14/4-20 kl 17:00 10/5-20?

English version:

It is advised from the highest authorities, that among others training centers, should be closed for until further notice for the next 14 days.

So far the next training will be Thursday 26/3-20 at 18:00 14/4-20 at 17:00 10/5-2020?

Gothenburg International Shochu-Geiko 2019

Dato, Tid:
30/06/2019 - 06/07/2019,
Frölunda Judoklubb, Klubbvägen 8, Gothenburg, Sweden.
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50 years in Takemusu Aikido (1969-2019) will be celebrated at the International Shochu-Geiko this July, 1st–6th, 2019, in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Shihan Ulf Evenås, 7 dan Aikikai, and the assistant teacher Dan Borg Sensei, 6 dan Aikikai will conduct the trainings at this seminar, that is organized by the Gothenburg Aikido Club.

Ulf Sensei will teach Traditional Aikido – taijutsu, ken and jo – as he learned it directly from Morihiro Saito Shihan, as a close student during 29 years. He will teach bukiwaza basics, advanced and variations, with focus on the relation with taijutsu (riai) and basic taijutsu, variations, ki no nagare and kokyunage. There will be four classes a day.

The training venue is Frolunda Judo Club, with 360 square meters of tatami, and possibilities for outdoor practice of ken and jo. The dojo is close to one of the best beaches in the Gothenburg area and there is excellent public transportation to the central part of the city.

Registration is to be made until the 28th of June at or +46 705 255569.

You can read more about the event, the club and the teachers here:


Martin Bo Jensen

It saddens us to announce that last Thursday our dear friend Martin Bo Jensen, 1. Dan, lost the fight against cancer.

Martin was father for
Camilla and Jesper.

In our memory he will stay for ever a smiling, welcoming, a very warm, good person.

The funeral will take place at
Godthåb Church, Wednesday the 17-th of April at 11:00.

An update…

We were a bit silent for some time here on our homepage. One of the reasons is that now we are more active on our Facebook homepage. The second reason was that our homepage required an update so it again could show our timeline. So today our page got a design update and now again we can post some of the updates on our page.

But as always you can follow us on Facebook. On our homepage (on the right side) we also include a copy of our Facebook activities.

Here is a very short summary of new things in the club.

First of all in August 2018 we have moved to a new location at Filstedvej 10b, 9000 Aalborg, also known as “Omnihuset”. This is a very nice place with good facilities, a place where we can have our mats installed permanently and a big hall that is very good for training with weapons. It should be a perfect place to host our Aikido events.

Then we had some graduations:
Werner, Dominyka, Kaare – 6th kyu,
Tomas and Dan – 4th kyu,
John – 3rd kyu.

Then we had our annual seminar with Shihan Ulf Evenås. The event took place at the same Judo dojo where Shihan came to his very first seminar in Aalborg 25 years ago!

Then we had one more graduation where Jesper Kaagaard got his 4. Dan, and Jesper Thomsen got his 1. dan.

25 års jubilæumsseminar med Shihan Ulf Evenås i Aalborg

Dato, Tid:
03/03/2018 - 04/03/2018, 08:00 - 10:00
Aikido Dojo Aalborg, Østre Fælledvej 15 , Nørresundby, Denmark.
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Aalborg Aikido Klub og Aikido Dojo Aalborg inviterer til det årlige træningsseminar med Shihan Ulf Evenås (7. dan).

I år fejres at Aalborg Aikido Klub har eksisteret i 25 år, grundlagt af Kim Lundsgaard sensei 3. marts 1993.

Aikido Dojo Aalborg, Østre Fælledvej 15, 9400 Nørresundby

Starter lørdag kl. 10.00.
Søndag: kl. 9.00-12.00.
Fest lørdag aften, 150 kr.

Medbring bokken & jo.

Pris (betaling ved tilmelding):
500 DKK (for træning, frokost lørdag samt morgenmad søndag).
650 DKK (som ovenfor + fest lørdag aften).

Betaling ved tilmelding:

  • 500 Kr for seminar (træning, frokost lørdag samt morgenmad søndag)
  • 650 Kr for seminar og fest 

Bankoverførsel til konto 9280 4562844282. HUSK at skrive navn! Mobile Pay – modtagernummer 61700460 (Darius Plausinaitis).

Der vil være mulighed for overnatning i dojoen fra fredag aften til søndag. Give os en besked i god tid.

Johnny, Aalborg Aikido Klub, (+45) 40 11 43 08
Rene, Aikido Dojo Aalborg, (+45) 20 26 58 89.

Invitation PDF:
AAK annual seminar 2018.pdf

Trænings seminar i Aalborg med Fredrik Snell sensei, 5. dan

Aalborg Aikido Klub og Aikido Dojo Aalborg inviterer til trænings seminar med Fredrik Snell Sensei fra Karlstad Aikidoklubb.

Fredrik Snell Sensei har trænet mere end 25 år, er en engageret og loyal elev af Shihan Ulf Evenås, og har ofte været Ulf Senseis’ assistent og repræsentant. Er 5. Dan Aikikai, og Sensei for flere klubber i Midtsverige.

Fredrik Sensei opfordrer til under seminaret, i træningspassene, at stille spørgsmål til teknik, etikette og andet relevant.

Sted:  Aikido Dojo Aalborg
Østre Fælledvej 15, 9400 Nørresundby, Aalborg

Antal pladser: 50

Pris:  400 DKK (for træning, frokost lørdag samt morgenmad søndag).

Dato/Tid: 9.&10. september 2017
Starter lørdag kl. 10.00.
Søndag: kl. 9.00-12.00.

Medbring bokken & jo

Tilmelding:, senest den 3. september.
Sig gerne ved tilmelding,  hvis du overnatter i dojo.

Overnatning: Der vil være mulighed for overnatning i dojoen fra fredag aften til søndag. Give os en besked i god tid.

Johnny, Aalborg Aikido Klub, (+45) 40 11 43 08
Rene, Aikido Dojo Aalborg, (+45) 20 26 58 89.