Shigemi Inagaki 8 dan, Gothenburg Sweden

Dato, Tid: 08/06/2013 - 09/06/2013,
Sted: Frölunda Judoklubb, Klubbvägen 8, Gothenburg, Sweden.
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Today Inagaki Sensei is one of the most well known, and experienced, teachers
from the Ibaraki Shibu Dojo. He travels worldwide to teach, and generouesly
shares his deep understanding in Aikido, based on almost 55 years of training,
as a direct student of O´Sensei for 11 years, and for many more under Morihiro
Saito Sensei.

Gothenburg Aikido Club is honored to host a seminar with Inagaki Shihan for
the third time.

Location Frölunda Judoklubb, Klubbvägen 8. V. Frölunda
Fees 700 SEK (€ 85). Payment before first training.
Enrolment or
Telephone: +46 31 410590 (evenings)
Deadline for registration: June 1, 2013
Accommodation Gothenburg Aikido Club or Frölunda Judoklubb, 50 SEK (€ 6) per night. Bring sleeping bag.
Other Bring ken and jo.
Participants traveling by airplane can borrow ken and jo. Please give notice if you need to do so.
Selling of products, or advertising, by Gothenburg Aikido Club only.
Filming and photo is forbidden during the classes without permission.
All participant must be fully insured.
Party: 150 SEK (€ 20). Notify participation when you register.

Invitation PDF with more details: Inagaki Sensei Gothenburg June 2013

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