A few pictures from 2014 spring graduation

This time on the last day of May we had quite a few ready for the graduation. Congratulations to Thomas, Jens, Michael, Hans Cristian and Jesper on successful graduation of first, second and fourth kyu!

Pictures from the 2014 seminar in Aalborg with Ulf Evenås sensei

Here are some pictures from the seminar in Aalborg with Ulf Evenås sensei.

Dan graduation a part of this annual event and this year there were 4 shodans that got the black belts:

  • Anna Detcheva-Thomasen (Aalborg Aikido dojo)
  • Brian Kjaer Nielsen (Thisted Aikido club)
  • Darius Plausinaitis (Aalborg Aikido club)
  • Jon Madsen (Thisted Aikido club)

Once again we had two delicious ice cream cakes provided by Martin and his colleagues at Aabybro Mejeri (RYÅ IS)! Thank you for your constant support of our event!

The opening article of our library section – Morihiro Saito about tai no henko

From time to time we find interesting Aikido articles and books. We have decided to have a small section on our homepage to share this information with our club members and friends. We will not try to reprint all this information, rather we would like make a link to the source of the material.morihiro-saito-tai-no-henko

Today we start this section with a small article on tai no henko published by the Aikido Journal. The article includes Morihiro Saito comments and a video clip from one of his seminars.